Hospital Hallways

I spent the day today with my brother and his family at Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. His sixteen year old daughter had surgery. Abby has autism. We’ve know that for a long time. But just recently we found out that she has a degenerative condition that has started progressing rapidly. I talked with my brother today, in the hallway of the hospital, about things no parent should have to consider — especially for their teenage child. Things like quality of life and which procedures are for her and which procedures are for parents wanting to keep her with them for as long as possible. Unimaginable issues to even think about, but my brother and his wife are being asked to do more than consider. They are required now to make decisions.

Steve and Sherry have a rock-solid faith in our God. I am proud of my brother. We know Jesus gives the victory. But these things are still hard. Would you pray for them? And for my other niece Stephanie…who has been at the hospital with her baby sister. And pray for sweet Abby.

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