The Vow: A True Story of Enduring Love and Commitment

Imagine that within the first blissful months of marriage, the person you love most in the wo rld Imagemiraculously survives a near-fatal car crash,… and awakes with no memory of you at all. In “The Vow,” Kim and Krickitt Carpenter recount this incredible experience. Here’s an excerpt.

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Oh, man! I guess I am going to have to see this movie now.  I am not a chick-flik fan but this is based on a true story. This couple has written a book. The link contains an excerpt of their book as well as an interview on the Today Show.  The interview is powerful! The Carpenters have a strong Christian faith that is central to their story.

UPDATE:  My wife and I went to see this movie last night.  Unfortunately, it did not deliver as I had hoped.  I wondered how Hollywood, a major studio, would deal with the Christian themes of this story.  The answer is that they ignored them.  Crystie is soon to read the book. I’ll be interested in her take on the book versus the movie.

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